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Professionalism, collaboration and experience are the cornerstones of our team. Our customer service is unparalleled within the industry. Drawing on our combined decades of experience within the default service industry, our team is not only collaborative and accommodating, they also truly are a family in the best sense of the word-knowing and drawing on each other’s strengths for win/ win client outcomes. The training guides have been a team effort, putting forth best practices to help you avoid common pitfalls within this often overwhelming and intimidating process.

The subscription model allows for everyone within your company to be accessing the most recent version of each guide. This is a crucial aspect in maintaining your firm’s compliance with industry regulations. As our technical consulting team works within the mortgage default marketplace, collaborative input is compiled and then incorporated into quarterly guide updates ultimately benefiting you. Substantial time and energy is exerted to maintain accuracy of information within these comprehensive guides so that you, as the subscriber, always have at your fingertips the most up to date information... and information, we all know, is king.

These video tutorials are created with the viewer’s convenience in mind and are therefore succinct and focused. We have designated a recurring number of hours each month for ongoing production to grow our library of video shorts to address common training needs. You will occupy the Trainee seat in these mini-training sessions listening to the Trainer and observing the coordinating actions within the software program. Because the library contents are dynamic, you as a subscriber, have the opportunity to suggest future topics addressed in these shorts.

Upcoming webinar dates and times will be posted on the TEP news feed. These are invitation only and as a subscriber, you will be on a group list to receive emailed GoToMeeting invitations within one week in advance of the upcoming webinar. Basic subscribers will receive invites every other month for primarily user related topics. Premium subscribers, in addition to the User related webinar invitations, will receive invitations to participate in Administrator related topics for the alternating months in between, resulting in an educational webinar every month.

Certain browsers may block your video streaming capability. Although each browser has its own process for fixing this issue, many are typically warning boxes in the upper right corner of your browser. Some corporate security provisions do not allow the viewing of streaming videos. You may have to contact your IT department to allow access to view the video.

Subscribers will be able to submit questions and or topic ideas ahead of time through the subscriber forum. Your communicated interests and trouble spots will drive the topics included within each agenda. The monthly topics are not set in stone. This flexibility is intentional as we choose to be responsive to our clients’ needs. Suggestions can include current issues within the industry affecting technology and how it is used, as well as enhancements to the software product and best practice optimizations. The Nexus host will address as many questions or topics as can be covered within the hour webinar. Teaching tools will include the host sharing any software screens needed to visually demonstrate what is being discussed as well as the opportunity for subscriber attendees to ask follow up questions.

First, you will need to identify which package will best address your needs. Secondly, determine your urgency. Nexus can either invoice you by email to which you can mail a check, or Nexus can invoice you through Paypal to receive a credit card payment for an additional small convenience fee. Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed a username for your firm along with a temporary password for immediate TEP access. Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to customize your password. Nexus reserves the right to decline subscription requests.

Upgrades can be requested by contacting Vonda Kooima at vkooima@nexus-cc.com. Subscription renewal notices will be invoiced via email one month before your firm’s anniversary date. To maintain uninterrupted subscriber access, renewal fees need to be received prior to your anniversary date. Should you so choose not to renew, on your anniversary date your membership log-in and all of its privileges will expire. Membership access may also be removed for any deemed misuse of this site without a refund.

Contact Vonda Kooima at 314-821-8424 or vkooima@nexus-cc.com to discuss your needs, budget and timetable.

We have developed a how to navigate our guides video.  Click here to view this short video.

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